The IFCN welcomes new applications to its Code of Principles beginning Jan. 16, 2024. Our website is currently under renovation, so new signatories should begin the application process by emailing their interest to with "New Signatory" in the subject line.

Application process for the IFCN code of principles

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Please follow the instructions closely and provide all the necessary details. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted. If this is your first application, we strongly recommend you read the application guideline before submitting your application, in order to get a sense of some of the best practices around the world.

The information shared through this form will be made publicly available if your application is verified as a signatory to IFCN’s Code of Principles.

The application process entails a non-refundable fee (US$ 200). This fee offsets part of the cost of hiring an external assessor to evaluate the application. Applications will not be considered unless the fee has been paid. No part of the fee covers any costs of the IFCN at Poynter. If the application fails to meet more than 6 criteria, you will be asked to pay an additional US$ 100 for a second phase review by the assessor.

Submit the Application

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Evaluation of the applicant's respect of the code of principles is conducted by external assessors. They are selected for their expertise in journalism and disciplines related to fact-checking in the region where the aspiring signatory operates. They are paid US$ 350 per assessment by the IFCN. Assessments that require a second phase review will be compensated with an additional payment of US$ 100.

The assessors evaluate each applicant using this guideline and then recommend their approval or rejection. The IFCN Advisory Board confirms the findings with at least 6 favorable votes.

*The board members are Bharat Gupta (MMI Online Limited), Clara Jiménez Cruz (Maldito Bulo), Dapo Olorunyomi (Premium Times Center for Investigative Journalism), Ellen Tordesillas (Verafiles Incorporated), Glenn Kessler (The Washington Post Fact Checker), Govindraj Ethiraj (, Laura Zommer (Chequeado), Noko Makgato (Africa Check), Tijana Cvjetićanin (Istinomjer) . Board members recuse themselves from voting on their own organization.

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If the assessor finds the applicant failing to meet certain criteria can ask the applicant to make changes and review it again before submitting his/her assessment to IFCN.

If the assessor recommends rejecting an application, the applicants can

  • Make edits and re-apply an unlimited amount of times. The application would be assessed anew by a different assessor and therefore incurs the $200 fee.
  • Appeal to the IFCN board if they believe the assessor ignored or misrepresented evidence provided by the application. The board can request a new assessment, invite the organization to apply again or reject the appeal.

Approved signatories can put a badge on their site indicating that they have been found to be compliant. It will be issued by the IFCN after approval.

Within a year after being approved and every year thereafter, approved signatories need to re-apply and submit a cover letter to renew their verification.

Violations of the code in between assessments will be evaluated by the board and could result in the verified signatory's removal from the list. Read more about the IFCN complaints policy.