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Complaint - PolitiFact
Not Approved


Complainant: Bryan W. White (zebrafactcheck@gmail.com)
Signatory (Complainee): PolitiFact
Reached Out To Signatory: Yes
Created: 20-Jul-2023 (4 months ago)
Status: Resolved
Resolved By: Bryan W. White
Resolved Date: 07-Aug-2023 (3 months ago)


Bryan W. White 20-Jul-2023 (4 months ago)
This example (a comparison of two fact checks along with PolitiFact's non-response to a correction request) would represent PolitiFact's failure to maintain nonpartisanship in the maintenance of consistent methodology, and PolitiFact's failure to scrupulously sustain an open and honest corrections policy.

picture_as_pdf Inconsistent methodo... (53 KB) picture_as_pdf Gmail - Inconsistent... (284 KB)

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